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Saint Georges d'Oleron

A few minutes of your hotel restaurant Bains, discover the town of Saint Georges d'Oleron.

Located in the northern part of the Ile d'Oleron, Saint Georges d'Oléron is the largest town of the Island of Oléron. It also belongs a coastline on both sides of the island.
This town is composed, apart from the village of Saint Georges d'Oleron, several small villages on Douhet, the Trait d'Union, Boyardville and its sandy beach, Foulerot, Sauzelle, Chéray, Chaucre,  Domino  and les Sables Vigniers.
Famous for its wreckers in the Middle Ages, Saint Georges d'Oléron contains several historic buildings, including the church, classified as historical monuments since 1931, one of the most remarkable buildings of the island. The market halls dominate the center of the village since 1864. On the village square, beautiful mansions dating from the late nineteenth century testify to the wealth and flourishing trade of the island at the time.
More information on the website of the town of Saint Georges d'Oleron.
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