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The Oléron marshes

Shaped both by the hand of man and nature, the marshes on the Ile d'Oleron invite you on a journey to the heart of nature!

Originally salt marshes, these wetlands are now used as breeding and maturing areas in the cultivation of oysters. Salt-water reservoirs have been created thanks to small locks called also 'varaignes'.

The undrained marshes are a rich feeding and nesting place for birds. About 150 species are listed there: storks, swans, geese, grey herons, barnacle geese, egrets...

You can visit them on foot, by bike and for an enhanced sensation, by canoe!

The Marais d'Yves Nature Reserve

Facing the Ile d'Oléron in the north, the Marais d'Yves Nature Reserve conceals many species of animals: geese, storks, ducks, herons and other migratory birds, living in the midst of a changing landscape: marshland, dunes, lagoons... Different thematic walks are available to discreetly observe the wildlife.

The Marais de Moëze-Oléron Nature Reserve

Located on the western part of the Brouage marshes, the Moeze Nature Reserve, with an area of 6720 hectares, is where you will see migratory birds and Scottish Black Face sheep, used in the maintenance of this nature reserve. These sheep allow many species of birds to nest in the short grass of the marshes. The unique landscape of this reserve consisting of polders, drained marshes, dunes and mudflats, is home to many species of animals that feed at low tide.


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